Blender JSON import / export plugin

I’ve been playing with WebGL recently, and while mathematically defined geometry is simple enough, anything more complex needs a ‘real’ 3D editor.

I looked at a number of alternatives until a friend pointed me to Blender.  It’s an amazingly good editor, fully featured, but most importantly, it allows has a great plugin architecture!
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Dynamically loading Javascript or CSS resources

The separation between style and content which comes from using CSS and HTML together is great.  It really keeps your content clean, and allows you to alter the ‘look’ without cluttering the information you’re trying to present.

Adding a little javascript can be great too, all you need is a SCRIPT tag, and in comes your code!
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Simple jQuery Nested Accordians

I am fairly new to Javascript, and while I spent a fair amount of time trying to avoid frameworks and libraries (after all, you best know the language before using some of these clever tricks!) I have come to realize that using jQuery is quite honestly a whole lot simpler than not using it!
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