Curriculum Vitae

Accomplished IT Professional with two decades of demonstrated commercial experience of developing and supporting business systems with an aim to drive profits and support growth
Proven skills to design and implement effective strategies, develop procedures, and manage resources.
Ability to streamline processes and increase productivity, and a hand-on approach to any task.
Decisive, results-oriented leader, able to work with colleagues at all levels.

 Personal Notes

Born in 1974, I have two children with my partner of 21 years. I have always loved all things ‘techie’ and have been lucky enough to have had such a varied and interesting career. I have had the opportunity to get involved with all manner of industries, and gain a lot of invaluable knowledge outside the ‘normal’ IT circles. I enjoy Cycling whenever possible, bad sci-fi films, and take every chance I can to spend time with my family.


Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) – Active Directory Configuration
Six Sigma Core – Green Belt


  • Enterprise Systems Planning and Development
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Execution
  • DevOps Infrastructure Development
  • Team Development and Mentoring System Architecture Design & Implementation
  • Linux & Windows Technical Skills High Availability Systems
  • Low level Network Troubleshooting
  • Redundancy Implementation

Technical Expertise

  • Windows Server NT4 to 2008 R2
  • Linux ( RHEL / Debian / Embedded )
  • Databases – MS SQL / MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Mail Servers – MS Exchange / Postfix
  • Virtualisation – VMWare / Hyper-V / Xen
  • Cloud – AWS / Rackspace
  • Web Servers – Apache / Nginx / MS IIS / Tomcat
  • Cisco – Switches / Routers / Firewalls
  • Network Protocols – DNS / DHCP / HTTP
  • Version Control – Subversion / Mercurial / Git
  • Caching – Varnish / Memcached
  • Scripting – Bash / Python / PHP
  • Monitoring – Nagios / Cacti

Professional Experience

Honeywell Enterprise Support
IS Specialist
July 2015 – Present

Improving Honeywell IT Support Services

  • Technical lead on Domain collapse program to reduce Honeywell costs.  The project involved working closely with a number of Honeywell Vendors (Wipro, Capgemini, Dell) to migrate users, workstations, servers and infrastructure to a single common domain.
  • Developed scripts to perform a number of tasks in a automated manner to improve efficiency in the way the project moved forward.  Worked closely with the Wipro team to take their knowledge from M&A activities and to implement it for our purposes to migrate users to a new domain.
  • Worked with Capgemini UK and US teams to transform several TB of data to follow Honeywell security specifications.
  • Created full Devops workflow within R&D business unit.  Enabled the group to minimize engineer workload in software builds and provided efficient feedback mechanism to enable continuous delivery workflow.
  • Improved SatCom testing infrastructure to allow for automated testing across multiple sites managed by a Jenkins back end system.  This allows for a better history and analysis of failures across multiple product revisions.  Reported bugs are now implemented as “failing tests” allowing them to enter the workstream in a standard manner which, in turn reduces the need for internal bug review meetings.
Honeywell Aerospace IT
IS Specialist
September 2012 – July 2015

Providing support to sites across the EMEA region.

  • Developed Disaster Recovery documentation for a number of sites to ensure compliance with Aerospace regulations.
  • Supported Infrastructure changes across the region.
  • Rebuilt network infrastructure in the UK to support secure development of satellite communications products.
  • Designed and implemented Virtual Linux based Aero/Satcom simulation testing infrastructure to allow regression, soak and burn testing of embedded system software.
  • Designed and implemented testing facilities tying together a number of bespoke systems in to an automated hardware testing platform. Enabled the business to perform a wider variety and larger scope of testing to ensure certification from a number of world-wide regulatory bodies.
  • Liaised with vendors to ensure a controlled hand-over in out-sourced support contracts.
Honeywell / EMS Technologies
Systems Administrator for UK Aerospace division
April 2010 – September 2012

Multi-faceted role requiring a deep understanding of both general IT systems, and networking technologies.

As a world leader developing satellite communication systems I was directly involved with improving both the general IT infrastructure, and also tasked with creating a range test-bed systems designed to emulate all manner of network systems, utilising both standard Ethernet, and also proprietary RF technologies.

Along side the Engineering work I was part of a small team managing 12 sites located across the world.

As an Aerospace company, standards and change management are to the highest standard to ensure certification by a range of government bodies across the world.

  • Supported 28 local users, and a further 90 users on remote sites, and a further 18 permanently remote workers.
  • Moved a number of system to Virtual platforms increasing the ROI on physical hardware, while also providing a more stable and recoverable infrastructure.
  • Migrated several systems from an MS platform to Linux / Open Source based alternatives. This created a significant saving over time by reducing licensing costs.
  • Provided two-factor authentication over Cisco AnyConnect VPN to allow user seamless access while working remotely.
  • Developed and implemented corporate disaster recovery plan. This involved fully documenting all infrastructures, ensuring backup reliability and proving recoverability of critical systems.
  • Migrated 12 years of CVS code repositories to Subversion. This provided a more stable versioning system with a larger toolset, while requiring a minimum to change to scripts and configurations.
Content Master (Contract)
Technical Author
November 2009 – March 2010

Worked with Microsoft engineers to develop training documentation to MS Technical Publications standards.

  • Developed technical documentation on unreleased Microsoft products.
  • Provided QA function to other documentation groups to ensure Microsoft Technical Publications (MSTP) standards.
SNFA Bearings / SKF Bearings
System Administrator / IT Manager
January 2006 – October 2009

Initially employed as a Systems Administrator, I later moved to IT Manager for this world-class manufacturing company. The role involved covering all support from desktop to infrastructure, and provided a number of challenges. No two days were ever the same in this position and could vary from desktop builds to factory machinery repair.

  • Rebuilt infrastructure to reduce the number of systems in operation, reducing administrative effort, and increasing reliability.
  • Provided seamless network between geographically diverse sites by creating site to site VPN tunnels. Enabled integrated services between sites reducing overall IT operating costs.
  • Worked with the Quality department to develop a noise analysis system to improve production line testing of bearings by improving the accuracy and time taken to noise-test bearings.
  • Implemented data collection on factory machinery to allow statistical analysis of manufacturing. This allowed the maintenance department to predict ahead of time when failures were likely to occur, and to take proactive measures to reduce outages. This created a significant saving in production costs.
  • Implemented a cross-site ERP system to bring 5 sites across Europe in as a single organisation. This reduced duplication of work, and improved sales targeting by ensuring better coverage, and reducing self-competition.
  • Worked with the US Department of Commerce to reduce import taxation by creating automated reports on imported items. This alone saved £300K per year on US Import duties.
  • Developed Noise Testing facility utilizing GPU architecture to provide 100% testing of product (up from previous 5% test ratio) which reduced customer returns, improved cycle times and increased overall product resale value.
Cable & Wireless / WS Atkins
GIS System Administrator
January 2004 – January 2006

Managed GIS based systems for the Cable & Wireless UK Fibre Network. Involved managing large datasets and ensuring availability of a variety of types mapping data from a number of sources.

  • Implemented Points of Interest on Engineers Tom-Toms to improve response times in finding physical network faults.
  • Provided upgrades to back-end infrastructure to improve application response times and reduce response times.
EDF Energy
Database Analyst
August 2002 – January 2004

Having been offered this role as a result of a previous contract position, the main task for this role was to improve workflow, and reduce backlogs by pin-pointing bottlenecks in general customer processing.

  • Reduced backlog by 75% by identifying a number of repeating stall-points in the registration process
  • Increased revenue by identifying a number of un-billed customers who’s accounts had become ‘lost’ in the mechanisms the company employed to import customers during mergers and acquisitions
Contractor March 2001 – August 2002

A Variety of contracts from software development to infrastructure implementation for small to medium businesses, culminating in a role at EDF Energy (above)

Andrew Nisbets
IT Support
June 1997 – March 2001

IT Support for a distribution company.

  • Create an online presence and establish online ordering system pulling together a number of disparate systems not designed for the process.
  • Reduced order processing times, increased correct orders, which improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced the size of their large call-centre environment by implementing a knowledge base to reduce reliance on staff knowledge.
Berkeley Technologies
R&D Software Developer
April 1994 – June 1997

R&D position developing voice systems to support small businesses. Including developing an early voice-menu system, later licenses to BT and integrated in to a variety of platforms.

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